Company pay great attention to team-building at the beginning of its establishment, we believe that business success
comes from the team success.
We take “happy working, happy life” as the guiding concept of team construction,so that each employee with the sense
of master and play their talents in their respective positions.
In order to make new employee grow rapidly, we design a scientific and effective training mode, so that new employees
can quickly integrate into the team, familiar with the company's work environment and into the job role.
For expatriate staff, we also offer a generous subsidies, by offering extra income.
In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, we have developed a highly effective reward system so that every
employee will get generous return because of his effort.
All formal employees can enjoy the provisions of the state pension, medical treatment, inductrial injury, maternity,
unemployment insurance.
You are welcome to join Greenstream Team, because of you, Greenstream's tomorrow will be better.
Greenstream will continue to work hard and build a more solid platform, so you can realize your dream here.